The Systems Approach to Improve and Sustain Food Security (SATISFY) project improved the food security of people in poor rural communities in Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The project was implemented by World Vision Canada with support from Global Affairs Canada from 2011 to 2017. Agriteam Canada was subcontracted to design and implement the Capacity Development (CD) program for local extension services and community-based organization and farmer-based organizations (CBOs/FBOs) in Mali and Sierra Leone.

Agriteam’s work on the SATISFY project included participatory extension, building capacity of farmer organizations, value-chain development and functional literacy training. It was linked to the World Vision savings and loan program so that farmers would have access to the capital required to try new ideas.

Agriteam ensured gender equality was mainstreamed throughout the program, especially through the combination of literacy training, participatory approaches and access to capital, empowered and mobilized women. In fact, the impact on women was transformational. The approach was so successful, World Vision is adopting the Agriteam Model in all of their Area Development Programs in Sierra Leone. Agriteam has developed training materials including a SATISFY Capacity Development Handbook to assist Area Development Managers in replicating program results.