Agriteam has a vibrant results-based management and M&E practice, with extensive experience in the design and implementation of M&E systems for projects across a wide variety of sectors. As one of the largest manages of bilateral aid projects funded by the Canadian government, the participatory design and implementation of M&E systems is core to Agriteam’s operations.

We have developed and implemented numerous M&E frameworks for projects that we manage, and provided M&E services for other projects, programs and organizational assessments.



  • Results-based Management
  • Developing of M&E systems and tools
  • Training in RBM and the implementation of M&E systems
  • Developing data collection tools and beneficiary feedback mechanisms
  • Database development
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Monitoring the performance of the project against the Logic Model, PMF (including indicators), and the Risk Register

Agriteam personnel have led more than 60 monitoring and evaluation assignments around the world.


PAN AFRICA: Project Monitor for Agriculture and Food Security Projects in the Pan-African Regional Program (Global Affairs Canada, 2012-2016)

The goal of Global Affairs Canada’s Pan-African regional program is to help the African Union achieve its vision of regional integration and socio-economic growth by strengthening the capacity of a selected number of regional institutions to stimulate economic growth and increase food security. The program is closely aligned with the African Union/NEPAD’s priorities. Agriteam acted as a monitoring officer for a four-year period, to support the project team leader in monitoring technical, managerial and policy aspects of the following two organizations: Support to the Conseil Ouest et Centre Africain pour la recherche et le développement agricoles (CORAF/WECARD), and Support to Rice Research in Africa through the Africa Rice Center.

EGYPT: PMF Review of Cairo Economic Livelihoods Project (CELP) (Aga Khan Foundation (Canada), 2013-2014)

The CELP project built capacity of local NGOs to offer skills-based training and generate opportunities for employment in the formal and informal sectors. The target beneficiaries were low-income women and youth in the Darb Al Ahmar neighborhood of Cairo. Agriteam collaborated with the project team to revise the CELP Performance Measurement Framework and developed an end-of project assessment plan, performance measurement tools (questionnaires, focus group protocol and key informant interview criteria); advised on revisions to the project database; led a team to implement the end-of project assessment; and analyzed data and produced an end-of project assessment report.

REGIONAL ASIA/AFRICA: M&E System Design and Baseline Survey Implementation for the Program for Advancing Human Development in Asia and Africa (PAHDAA) (Global Affairs Canada, 2013 – 2014)

The Program for Advancing Human Development in Asia and Africa (PAHDAA) is a USD $99M project funded by the Canadian Government, and implemented by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and its country partners within the Aga Khan Development Network. PAHDAA encompassed six separate sub-projects across Asia and Africa (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) including initiatives in education, health, civil society strengthening, and public engagement on international development issues with Canadians. Agriteam designed the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system for PAHDAA and its sub-projects, including all logic models, Performance Measurement Frameworks, work plans, data collection tools, manuals and databases. Agriteam also implemented the baseline surveys for four of the PAHDAA sub-projects (education, health, civil society and institutional partnerships).

REGIONAL CARIBBEAN: Technical Assistance to the OECS Secretariat Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, (OECS, 2012 – 2014)

Agriteam was contracted to build the capacity of the OECS Secretariat in performance measurement and reporting, and to prepare standardized documents to facilitate this approach. Agriteam developed a set of reporting templates based upon the M&E system and assisted with the preparation of Annual Work Plans, Annual and Quarterly Reports, and the Performance Measurement Frameworks and other performance management tools at the Unit, Divisional and Organizational levels. Training was provided to senior OECS staff in the assessment, preparation and use of these templates for data collection and reporting and additional technical assistance was provided to strengthen the technical team of the Functional Cooperation and Program Management Unit of OECS.

CANADA: Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation System for Community CSR Initiatives (Bombardier, 2012)

Bombardier Inc. contracted Agriteam to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system to evaluate and report on the individual and cumulative impact of Bombardier’s community initiatives in Canada and globally. Based on an in-depth review of Bombardier’s community initiatives and CSR policies, an analysis of the existing M&E system, and global best practices, Agriteam produced a gap analysis identifying vital M&E system requirements to be addressed. Agriteam then designed performance measurement tools and an overall framework including a user manual for how to collect, analyse and report on data. The M&E system included a series of indicators designed to measure key elements within each branch of Bombardier’s 3E strategy (Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship) which can then be rolled up to a programmatic level. The system was designed to fit within Bombardier’s existing management structure, which is split between its Headquarters and Aerospace divisions in Canada and its Transport division in Germany. The system was also designed to fit within the company’s existing MIS software and human resource management systems and evolve with the growth of Bombardier’s CSR programming.

CANADA: Measures Used to Assess the Results of the Market Development Funds Expended by the Beef Industry (Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC)/Beef Value Chain Roundtable (BVCRT), 2012)

Agriteam conducted an evaluation of AAFC’s existing system to measure the impact of market development activities undertaken by the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) and Canada Beef Inc. (CBI). The study was designed to evaluate the strength of the existing results measurement system used by BCRC and CBI and then develop an improved measurement system. Based on the results of the evaluation, Agriteam then undertook a participatory process with key stakeholders to develop a RBM-based system, including Logic Models and Performance Management Plans, with substantially revised indicators and reporting systems to better reflect the goals and results of the organizations. The results of the study and revised system were presented to senior stakeholders from government, industry organizations and the private sector at AAFC’s nationwide Beef Value Chain Round Table. The revised system is now being implemented by both organizations.

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Development of M&E Instruments and Baseline Survey for PAGES Program (PLAN International, 2011)

Agriteam developed the M&E framework, designed ten M&E tools to collect results data, and then led a large-scale baseline survey to measure impact of this US$20M agriculture program being implemented in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Responsibilities also included development of the database and survey methodology, oversight of baseline survey in all seven countries, and analysis and reporting on all data (270 per country for 1890 total sample).