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  • Water damage
  • Sewer backup
  • Odour control
  • Natural disaster
  • Catastrophe cleanup
  • Fire, smoke, soot damage
  • Mould & mildew remediation
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Document drying
  • Electronics drying
  • Vandalism
  • Renovation & general contracting

Water Damage Restoration

If you have water damage right now:

In the event of water damage, do the following:

  • Make sure the water source is turned off.
  • Stay calm! Call a restoration company ASAP: (778) 322-0045 or (778) 323-9020.
  • Turn off the breaker in the damaged area before you unplug any electrical devices in wet places.
  • If a water-damaged ceiling is beginning to sag, carefully punch small holes to relieve trapped water and let it drain into a bucket.
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting or using a pump or a wet vac (not a regular vacuum!).
  • Take care of wet documents.
  • Pin up upholstered furniture skirts which may get wet.
  • Lift draperies away from wet carpet.
  • Place plastic bags or aluminum foil under the legs of any furniture that stays on wet carpet.
  • Remove any items (potted plants, shoes, etc.) that may stain wet carpet.
  • Call an insurance company.

Do not attempt the following:

  • Don't try to remove water using your vacuum cleaner: this may result in electrical shock and damage the vacuum.
  • Don't place newspaper in wet areas to walk on, since newspaper ink may result in permanent staining on the floor.
  • Don't walk on wet floor any more than necessary. This will help to avoid spreading the damage.

A1 Oceanside Restoration specialists have all the necessary equipment and the experience in handling water damage mitigation, sewage contamination clean-up and more. They have all completed specialty training and have full licensing and certifications. A1 Oceanside Restoration remains technologically state-of-the-art through technological updates and regular training sessions. Using A1 Oceanside Restoration to remediate your water damage ensures that your investments are protected and your long term liabilities are limited.

Water damage treatment consists of:

1. Water removal
Depending on the source of water intrusions, the water may be clean, gray, black, or mixed if from multiple sources.
• Category I: water from sanitary or "clean" water sources, such as broken pipelines, sink and tub overflows, broken toilet tanks, hot water heater ruptures, appliance water line failures, falling rainwater, etc. This type of water does not cause health threat.
• Category II: water from unsanitary or "gray" water sources: overflows from dishwashers, toilet bowls, aquariums, waterbeds, etc. This water may be contaminated.
• Category III: water from unsanitary or "black" water sources, which regularly contain pathogenic agents: ground surface water, municipal sewer lines, water from rivers and streams etc.
2. Complete Drying
After extracting as much pooled water as possible, we use dehumidification and other methods to extract the remaining water from the structure and contents.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services also include:

  • Locating hidden water damage
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Taking and monitoring moisture readings

Equipment we use:

  • Heavy-duty submersible and gas-powered pumps to pump high-level water
  • High-speed air movers used for creating airflow and evaporating moisture
  • Dehumidifiers used for producing dry air, reducing humidity and minimizing secondary water damage to structure
  • Moisture detectors and hygrometers for measuring the extent of moisture saturation
  • Drying equipment for humidity and temperature controls