The LIBERTECH group, a team of young Peruvian university students from La Libertad, won first prize yesterday in the national “hackathon” competition “Entrepreneur Challenge 2017.” The regional competition seeks to find technological solutions to specific problems faced by the country. This year’s themes were corruption, citizen security, water and sanitation, and disaster prevention.

LIBERTECH won the competition with their “Yaku” initiative; a control and monitoring system that tracks the expenditure and consumption of water in homes in real time, provides the user with advice on efficient use of the increasingly scarce resource. As Grand Prize winners they will receive a cash prize of 10,000 soles (CA$4,000), as well as funding to cover the associated costs to implement their application in sustainable water and sanitation use for citizens in La Liberated.

Agriteam’s project in Peru, ProGobernabilidad, provided resources and institutional support to contestants and the competition host at each stage of the event. For more information see the full article on the ProGobernabilidad website: