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Agriteam Gives Back

Agriteam’s Charitable Donations Committee was formed in February 2008 to administer Agriteam staff members’ recommendations for which charitable causes they’d like to donate to both in terms of time and money. So far, the committee has made donations to the following organizations: the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa, Kamp Kiwanis, the Lotus Child Center in Mongolia, Plan Canada, the Witches of Gushiegu Project in northern Ghana, the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Good Hope Trust in Tanzania and more.

Summer Spotlight: The Witches of Gushiegu Project

Gushiegu witches

In Gushiegu town in northern Ghana, there are approximately 90 destitute women who have been labelled as witches.They have suffered greatly from this discrimination and have been beaten and ostracized.

When Agriteam’s CIFS Field Director in Tamale learned of this situation, she was moved to assist these women. She sent out an appeal to Agriteam staff and friends for help. An initial shipment of bed linens was followed by fundraising efforts, which have resulted in donations of more than $20,000.

This money has enabled the building of a small complex in Gushiegu, consisting of 24 rooms that are divided into three per block with a bathroom in between. Construction is traditional mud block, with durable metal roofs substituting for the traditional thatch.

The CIFS project provided the women with a grinding mill, and there is running water nearby, so this small community of women should be able to provide for their own basic needs without much outside assistance.

Agriteam Supports

The Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa

The Club’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

The Club of Ottawa has served the Ottawa community for more than 83 years, reaching out to 4,500 children and youth through after-school, weekend and summer programs that build self-esteem and help to develop stronger social skills.

Kamp Kiwanis—Calgary

Kamp Kiwanis’ mission is to have fun, be safe and nurture growth.

Since 1951, children have had the opportunity to attend Kamp Kiwanis for up to 12 days, 100% subsidized, including transportation. This is made possible through several fundraising initiatives and the generous contributions made by donors every year. 

Lotus Child Centre, Mongolia

Kids from the Lotus Child Centre in Mongolia

One of the primary goals of the Lotus Child Centre is to provide primary care to all of our children, which includes food, health care, clothing and accommodation.
Through quality education, meaningful activities and by creating small family groups (10 children to one housemother), the Lotus Centre tries to give children a chance to make a positive future. Today, 148 children call the Lotus Centre their home.

Shepherds of Good Hope

Since 1983, Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa has worked diligently to ease the suffering of those whose needs are not being met. Money will be collected throughout the year to purchase food items for the Shepherds of Good Hope.

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For further information about Agriteam and the services and capabilities we provide, please contact one of our Canadian offices. If you need to contact one of our international offices, please see the link on this page—it will take you to a full listing of contact information for these offices. To read more about who works for Agriteam, please go to our Team page.



Calgary Office Agriteam Canada

Suite 200
14707 Bannister Road S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2X 1Z2
telephone: 403-253-5298
fax: 403-253-5140


Agriteam Canada, Gatineau, Quebec

107 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, Québec
J8X 2K2
telephone: 819-777-2494
fax: 819-777-3313

For employment-related inquiries, please email

International Field Offices

See Contact Information for our INTERNATIONAL FIELD OFFICES.

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International Field Offices


Policy Options Project (POP) in China

Room 302, Building 1-1-2
Yu Cai City Garden, Jinjiang District
Chengdu, Sichuan, Peoples Republic of China 610023
Telephone: 86-180-8020-3729
Senior Field Manager: Ms. Wu Jie


Safety Net Support Facility (SNSF) Ethiopia

SNSF Office Addis Ababa
Sarbet, 5th Floor, Ki-Ab Building
P.O. Box 42420
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: 251 113-722806/13
Fax: 251 719018


PATH Project (Projet d’Appui Technique en Haïti)

Delmas 60, no 18
Pétion-Ville, Haïti
Telephone: 011 509 2940-4478


School and Directorate Improvement Project

Street address:
66 Saad Al Sghool Street
Abdoun, Amman, Jordan

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 841372
Amman 11181, Jordan

Telephone:  +962-6-593-4466
Fax:  +962-6-593-4467
Canadian Field Manager: Ms. Joan Donaldson


PAGESM Project (Projet d’Appui la gestion des établissements scolaires du Maroc)

17 Avenue Mehdi Ben Barka Souissi
10000 Rabat, Morocco
Telephone: 011 212 537 657 420
Fax: 011 212 537 752 569


ProGobernabilidad / Strengthening Regional Governments for Social and Economic Development

Head Office in Lima

León de la Fuente 270,
Magdalena del Mar
Lima 17, Peru
Telephone: + 51 (1) 264-1851

Office in Piura

Pamericana Norte Km 3.5
Urb.Las Mercedes, Piura, Peru
(Carretera Piura Sullana)

Office in Tumbes

Gobierno Regional de Tumbes
Av. La Marina N° 200, Tumbes, Peru

Office in La Libertad

Gobierno Regional de La Libertad
Calle Los Brillantes N° 650
Urb. Santa Inés, Trujillo, Peru

Office in Lambayeque

Gobierno Regional de Lambayeque
Av. Juan Tommis Stack N° 975
Carretera a Pimentel
Telephone: + 51 (74) 606060 Ext. 1703

Sri Lanka

National Languages Project

24 Alfred Place
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
Telephone:  +94-(0) 11-230-1635 or 230-1637
Fax:  +94-(0) 11-257-3823
Field Manager: Mr. Don Brownell


Juvenile Justice Reform Project

18 Sofiyivska str., office 9
Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
Telephone:  +380 44 278 2835
Fax:  +380 44 279 2300
Field Manager: Ms. Tawnia Sanford Ammar

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Agriteam has implemented more than 170 projects and assignments worldwide since our foundation in 1987. We invite you to explore projects in the way that suits you best: by clicking on all projects for a full list, by checking out featured projects or by searching by criteria including region and sector.

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At Agriteam, we are always interested in receiving CVs from qualified individuals with experience in international development and ideally, our core areas of expertise.

If you’d like to send us your CV, please make sure the following are included:

Cover Letter: Include position you are applying for (if we have a current job opening), and/or what type of assignment you are interested in (e.g. long-term field posting or short-term assignment). Please also indicate your area of expertise.

Personal and contact details: including name, address, phone(s), fax, email


Education history

Other relevant training

Spoken, read and written languages, with degree of proficiency indicated for each.

Experience: Summarize your skills and experience that relate directly to the requirements of the position for which you are applying. If you are submitting a CV for general consideration, please relate your experience to at least one of Agriteam’s areas of expertise.

Employment and assignments (in reverse chronological order): Please include duties and responsibilities for each entry as well as the dates you held each position.

Demonstration of international development knowledge: If your CV hasn’t already made this clear, please demonstrate the ways in which you have come to be knowledgeable about international development (e.g., via living or working somewhere).

Other skills that apply: Note competencies that could help Agriteam even if not directly related to international development (e.g., technical or niche specialization, leadership skills, cross-cultural training, project management).

Agriteam is happy to receive CVs .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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With expertise in a diverse range of sectors and offering a full suite of project management services, we prioritize local ownership and capacity development in everything we do. We work across the world, in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

More about Agriteam’s expertise…

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About Agriteam Canada

Corporate History

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Agriteam Canada was established in 1986 by Robert Francis and has since designed and implemented more than 170 projects worldwide in sectors including health and population; gender equality; education and education reform; agriculture and agribusiness; community development; governance and public sector reform; private sector development; legal and judicial reform; corporate social responsibility; and environment.

See full descriptions of Agriteam sector specializations …

In 1991, Agriteam opened a second office in Gatineau, Quebec, which today is home to more than 20 Agriteam employees.

Roughly 200 full-time and support staff work for Agriteam, spread across the Calgary and Gatineau offices as well as field offices in Amman, Jordan; Cairo, Egypt; Lilongwe, Malawi; Calabar, Nigeria; Tamale, Ghana; Islamabad, Pakistan; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Beijing, China; Lhasa, Tibet; Manila, Philippines; Davao, Philippines; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Piura, Peru.

Contact Agriteam offices …

The funding agencies we have worked with include the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and United Nations Agencies. We partner with numerous Canadian universities and colleges.

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Agriteam Canada’s mission is to provide management and technical expertise characterized by:

  • teamwork
  • results-based project design
  • participatory methodologies
  • local input and ownership
  • sustainability

We aim to be catalysts of change and opportunity—not imposers of “solutions.” We aim to be partners in international development, contributing our best people and expertise to projects that will continue to create opportunities after we leave.

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We firmly believe that for a development project to have a lasting impact, partner-country stakeholders and beneficiaries must claim it as their own. This belief guides every step of our project management approach.

From beginning to end, our projects encourage participation and collaboration. We involve developing country partners at the outset of projects to define goals and indicators and at regular intervals through progress reviews.

We have formed very successful project partnerships, both as lead firm and sub-consultant, with government ministries and departments, universities and colleges, non-governmental organizations and private sector companies.

We participate in numerous consortia to implement international development projects. Current and past partners include Agra Monenco, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Privy Council of Canada, the Government of Alberta, Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, CARE Canada, World University Service of Canada, Partners in Rural Development, Bombardier, Centerra Gold and Continental Minerals.

At the core of our approach to project design and implementation is capacity development, which helps to build long-term sustainability into projects. We use a tried and tested four-stage capacity development model that:

  • establishes local ownership and consensus about the need for change
  • develops capacity in priority areas
  • ensures that capacity is applied to improve performance
  • supports internalization of changes for sustainability

Please see our Expertise page for more about our approach.

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Featured Projects


Ukraine, Expert Deployment for Governance & Economic Growth (EDGE): November 2014–November 2019

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: Europe

The project is a catalyst, assisting Ukraine as it moves towards a more democratic and prosperous society by advancing citizen-centered democracy and promoting sustainable economic growth. EDGE responds to critical needs of the Ukrainian government, at the national and regional level, in planning, implementing and communicating governance and economic growth reforms.


Sri Lanka, National Languages Project: February 2010–May 2015

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: South Asia

The National Languages Project responds to Sri Lanka’s need to enhance relations between Sinhala- and Tamil-speaking citizens through increasing respect for language rights and linguistic diversity, and fostering social cohesion.


Jordan, School and Directorate Improvement Project (SDIP): May 2011–April 2015

Sector: Education and Education Reform
Region: North Africa and the Middle East

This project supports the Government of Jordan’s aspirations for an education system that meets the needs of its citizenry, and that favourably positions Jordan as a key player in the regional and global economies.


Ukraine, Juvenile Justice Reform Project: June 2007–February 2015

Sector: Legal and Judicial Reform
Region: Europe

This project supports Ukraine’s efforts to develop and deliver an effective youth justice system which incorporates international standards, and which effectively protects youth and supports their rehabilitation and reintegration into their communities. The project’s ultimate outcome is a more effective and responsive juvenile justice system in Ukraine.