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Projects listed under "All Projects" are ordered according to timeline, starting with Agriteam's most current projects.


Ukraine, Expert Deployment for Governance & Economic Growth (EDGE): November 2014–November 2019

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: Europe

The project is a catalyst, assisting Ukraine as it moves towards a more democratic and prosperous society by advancing citizen-centered democracy and promoting sustainable economic growth. EDGE responds to critical needs of the Ukrainian government, at the national and regional level, in planning, implementing and communicating governance and economic growth reforms.


Ukraine, Police Training Assistance Project (PTAP): September 2016–March 2019

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: Europe

PTAP aims to provide advisory services and training to help strengthen the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) and support a national police academy system that will enable the merit-based professional development of a gender-sensitive, community-oriented national police service based on local resourcing and international standards and best practices. The project will include: (a) the development of an organizational governance and policy framework for the NPU to advance professional development; (b) the establishment of a legal framework for a police academy system, including support for training infrastructure; (c) capacity building support for leadership, operational management and specialized policing functions; and (d) development of curricula, faculty development and certification processes to support police training.


Peru, Strengthening of Regional Governments for Social and Economic Development in Northern Peru: July 2011–July 2018

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: Americas and the Caribbean

The goal of this initiative is to enhance sustainable and equitable economic growth and to reduce inequality of opportunities in Northern Peru. It is accomplishing this through improved quality and more inclusive delivery of services at the regional level, with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations (children and youth, women, and rural and indigenous populations).


Sri Lanka, National Languages Project (NLP): February 2010–May 2015

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: South Asia

The National Languages Project responds to Sri Lanka’s need to enhance relations between Sinhala- and Tamil-speaking citizens through increasing respect for language rights and linguistic diversity, and fostering social cohesion.


Jordan, School and Directorate Improvement Project (SDIP): May 2011–April 2015

Sector: Education and Education Reform
Region: North Africa and the Middle East

This project supports the Government of Jordan’s aspirations for an education system that meets the needs of its citizenry, and that favourably positions Jordan as a key player in the regional and global economies.


China, Policy Options Project (POP): December 2005–April 2015

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: North and Central Asia

The Policy Options Project (POP) supports Chinese policy reforms by strengthening the capacity of Chinese Government officials to develop and implement policies. POP contributes Canadian technical expertise through sub-projects that respond to Chinese Government requests related to the current priorities of ethnic minority rights, labour rights, and rule of law. The common element of all POP programming related to the above priorities is a focus on marginalized groups such as migrant workers and ethnic minorities. To achieve tangible results for these marginalized groups, priority is given to POP proposals that emphasize the implementation of reforms lead by sub-national agencies, including provinces, municipalities, and ethnic autonomous regions. Chinese policy makers, through the sub-projects, are able to exchange ideas, models, experience, and expertise with Canadian policy makers, practitioners and experts. POP builds on the successes and lessons learned from the Public Sector Reform Program, which was also implemented by Agriteam between 1999 and 2004. To learn more about POP and view opportunities available to Canadian experts, please visit and go to the sub-project opportunities page.


Haiti, Technical Assistance Project (PATH): January 2012–March 2015

Sector: Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: Americas and the Caribbean

The objective of this project is to increase the technical and strategic capacities of governmental institutions in order to facilitate the implementation of Haiti’s National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction. This project is strengthening the capacities of the Haitian government by providing technical experts to different institutions or organizations on an on-demand basis.


Ukraine, Juvenile Justice Reform Project: June 2007–February 2015

Sector: Legal and Judicial Reform
Region: Europe

This project supports Ukraine’s efforts to develop and deliver an effective youth justice system which incorporates international standards, and which effectively protects youth and supports their rehabilitation and reintegration into their communities. The project’s ultimate outcome is a more effective and responsive juvenile justice system in Ukraine.


Ethiopia, Safety Net Support Facility: February 2010–December 2014

Sector: Agriculture and Agribusiness, Governance and Public Sector Reform
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

The Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) is an initiative targeting some of the underlying causes of food insecurity in Ethiopia. Agriteam is implementing the Safety Net Support Facility component of the program, which was designed to contribute to the effective delivery of the Productive Safety Net Program.

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