The MAMA initiative, a key e-governance initiative from Agriteam’s ProGobernabilidad project, has been selected as one of three national winners of The Google Challenge. The Google Challenge fund is a social impact contest designed to provide grant funding and technical assistance to local non -profit organizations (NGOs) in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru that use technology and innovation for social development. As a finalist, MAMA won $350,000 toward extending the initiative.

MAMA uses SMS messaging in three languages to provide pregnant women and new mothers with vital health knowledge including beneficial health tips, reminders for medical checks and medical answers to specific questions. MAMA extends preventative health care to some of Peru’s poorest regions, contributing to a reduction in childbirth and puerperium mortality as well as overall health improvements. More than 7,000 mothers and their children have benefited from the initiative.

Entries were evaluated on a set of criteria including impact, innovation, scalability and feasibility, and winners were selected by a panel of judges including Peruvian Vice President Mercedes Araoz. Winners for each country will be selected via online voting and invited to Mexico City to compete for an additional regional award of $250,000.

For more information on MAMA and ProGobernabilidad, check out the project website here.