In August, the Ukraine Juvenile Justice and Reform Project (UJJRP) completed a five-day workshop for 18 youth who participate in the Attendance Centre programs in Zaporizhia, Melitopol and Ivano-Frankivsk, during which they had an opportunity to make their own one-minute documentary films. During the workshop, professional filmmakers worked with youth and helped them learn how to create their film scripts, use the video cameras, and do filming and editing.


The event was organized jointly with the State Penitentiary Service Department of Zaporizhia, co-sponsored by the Service for Children of Zaporizhia State Regional Administration and conducted by the trainers from the One Minute Jr Foundation (Netherlands). Eighteen youth films feature their stories in which they talk about their needs, challenges, interests, hopes and future plans. Many of these stories help to ascertain and confront commonly-held public attitudes and responses to youth in conflict with the law as they show personal youth experiences and feature aspects of their lives in which they may not have had enough support from adults, the system and their communities to avoid committing an offence. The event was followed by a presentation of the films by the youths for their parents and relatives and a small award ceremony to recognize their efforts and achievements during the workshop.

Three of the young filmmakers were nominated for the One Minute Jr Award Program and one received an award for his submission entitled Ever in Late November. The award was one of only three awards given out of the top 15 videos selected from over 100 submissions from youth in Ukraine, Tajikistan, Hong Kong, Albania, the Philippines and The Netherlands.

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