In addition to supporting many local organizations in countries where we work, Agriteam’s Charitable Donation Committee administers donations on behalf of Agriteam to local and international charitable organizations and causes nominated by Agriteam staff and members. The Committee also organizes the hosting and participation of staff in charitable events including food drives, fun runs, golf tournaments, and other community events. Agriteam employees also actively donate and volunteer for many different charities, community organizations and worthy causes.

For more information on Agriteam’s charitable activities, email

Corporate Donations ($ annually)

Volunteer Hours (annually)

Causes We Support

Agriteam is committed to supporting the most vulnerable in our community. For the past several years, staff in the Calgary Office have served meals at The Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre (The DI), spending one evening each month plating dinner for The DI’s clientele and preparing breakfast cereal bowls and juice glasses for the following morning.  Open 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day, the DI’s emergency shelter serves more than 3,000 meals every day.  Similarly, the Ottawa-Gatineau Office has been a long-time supporter of the Ottawa Mission and the Shepherds of Good Hope with corporate fundraisers, in-kind donations of toiletries and other basic necessities, and staff-funded Easter hams and Christmas turkeys.  Both organizations serve Ottawa’s homeless population providing much-needed food, shelter, clothing and a wide variety of specialized programs and services ranging from addiction treatment, to education and job training, to housing services and medical/dental care.
Children & Youth
Agriteam has been a long-time supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa – an organization that reaches 4,500 children and youth through after-school, weekend and summer programs – with staff-purchased toys distributed to children in need ahead of the Christmas season every year. Most recently, Agriteam contributed to the Birdies for Kids Shaw Charity Classic in support of the EvenStart for Children Foundation of Calgary. Since 2013, the Shaw Charity Classic has raised more than $22.1 million in support of 180 children and youth-based charities across Alberta. Other child/youth oriented organizations that have received support from Agriteam, either in the form of corporate donations or volunteer staff time, include KidSport, the Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa, the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, L’Appart-Adojeune in Gatineau, Kamp Kiwanis in Calgary, and the Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia.
Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment
Advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women are integral to Agriteam’s work. Staff in the Ottawa-Gatineau Office have been long-time supporters of Youville Centre, a non-profit, registered charity that provides services for adolescent mothers and their children. Agriteam also supports Interval House which provides safe shelter and support for victims of abuse including intervention and prevention services as well as advocacy to break the cycle of violence. Over the years, staff have volunteered for a variety of Youville Centre and Interval House events, including preparing Christmas gift packages for young mothers and organizing fundraising campaigns. Similarly, Agriteam’s Calgary Office has supported various initiatives with Sonshine Community Services, a 24-unit centre providing second-stage shelter spaces for women and children fleeing violence in the City. Staff have cleaned and painted units, provided gardening services and sponsored children for the Christmas holidays
Veterans & Service Personnel
For many years, Agriteam has proudly supported the Royal Canadian Legion Veterans Services Network which offers programs, resources and referrals to support Veteran health, transition to civilian life, and financial assistance and well-being. In addition to cash contributions, staff from both Offices have donated non-perishable food items to the Veteran’s Food Bank every year, participating in a friendly competition to see which Office can collect the most weight in food donations. Agriteam is also a long-time supporter of Canadian Fallen Heroes, a non-profit organization that aims to honour the 117,000 Canadian military personnel that died in war time with commemorative memorial prints.
Agriteam supports a wide range of health-related charities including the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s annual giving campaign and the Canadian Cancer Society’s Run for the Cure, the largest single-day, volunteer-led event in Canada. With nearly 100,000 participants, the event raises over $17 million annually in communities across Canada. Staff in both Offices are also involved a number of community-based organizations offering health programs and resources, such as the Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary, which supports children and adults living with disabilities; Kids Cancer Care, which supports families in Alberta at each stage of the cancer journey; and Hospice Care Ottawa, which offers palliative and end-of-life programs and services for people living in the City of Ottawa.
Natural Disaster Response
Agriteam has a long history of supporting communities affected by natural disasters. When a devastating earthquake struck the mountainous region of southwestern China in 2008, Agriteam quickly mobilized to organize a staff-led garage sale with all proceeds – more than $1,000 – going directly to local charities supporting relief efforts in and around Sichuan Province. Similarly in 2017, when a sudden and abnormal warming of Pacific waters off Peru unleashed one of the most destructive El Niño downpours in decades, Agriteam staff in Canada and Peru took up a collection to support those affected by the resulting flooding, including a long-standing Agriteam employee whose house was completely under water.


COVID-19 Support for Iraqi and Syrian Refugees in Jordan

April 2020

Agriteam’s Charitable Donations Committee supported the Collateral Repair Project (CRP), a grassroots organization providing food vouchers, fuel and other material assistance to Iraqi and Syrian refugees and victims of conflict in Jordan. Agriteam’s $300.00 donation allowed the CRP to pivot its programming to respond to urgent needs stemming from COVID-19, particularly for households struggling with food and nutritional insecurity. 

Staff Donate Salaries to Ethiopian Communities Affected by COVID-19

May 2020

Agriteam staff in Canada and our STEM Project Office in Ethiopia donated 5% of their March 2020 salaries to support communities in Mekelle affected by COVID-19. In total, nearly $1,600.00 was raised directly by staff and through contributions from Agriteam’s Charitable Donations Committee to provide 20 households with wheat flour, cooking oil, antibiotic soap and sanitizer, and other household sanitary items. Staff in our CDSF and TASC Project Offices along with Agriteam’s Charitable Donations Committee donated a further $1,600.00 to support 11 families in Addis Ababa with a one-month supply of food through Ellilta, a charitable organization that provides literacy and skills training, trauma counselling and job-placement assistance to victims of commercial sexual exploitation.  Each family received teff flour, wheat flour, pasta, oil and other food staples. 

Staff Fundraise for COVID-19 Response in Colombia

April 2020

Agriteam donated $600.00 to support two local organizations in Colombia working on the front-lines of COVID-19 response.  Agriteam’s contribution ensured that 104 children, adolescents and women survivors of sexual violence were able to access Ciudad de Dios Association’s social and educational programming, while 156 seniors affected by the crisis received food and nutritional support through the Jeymar Foundation’s “Grandparents in Need” initiative.  Agriteam staff in Canada and our Comunica Project Office in Colombia also personally fundraised over $4,500.00 to directly support 113 families in need, benefiting 450+ family members across 9 cities facing economic hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Agriteam Supports Women Affected by COVID-19 in Tanzania

May 2020

Through Agriteam’s charitable giving initiative, $700.00 was donated to Kivulini, a non-profit organization based in Mwanza, Tanzania, where many people have lost their livelihoods as a result of the socio-economic effects of COVID-19 and its impact on tourism.  With no safety net in place and food prices increasing by over 200%, Kivulini identified 10 female headed households to receive 50 Kg’s of rice and other basic food staples with Agriteam’s support. 

Support for COVID-19 in Calgary and Ottawa-Gatineau

April 2020

Agriteam has been a longtime supporter of food banks and shelters in the Calgary and Ottawa-Gatineau areas.  In response to COVID-19, Agriteam quickly mobilized to identify ten local organizations to receive $1,000.00 each in support of their crisis prevention and response programming. Organizations supported by Agriteam’s West Wing include the Kerby Centre’s grocery delivery service for seniors, the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter’s 24 hour helpline and shelter support for victims of family violence, the Veterans Food Bank’s food assistance and peer support program, and the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s and Mustard Seed’s ongoing shelter, basic hygiene and emergency meal programming. Organizations supported by Agriteam’s East Wing include Operation Come Home’s housing assistance and crisis support program for vulnerable youth, Centraide Outaouais’ psychological assistance and essential services for the elderly, the Parkdale Food Center’s community food assistance and meal delivery service, and the Shepherds of Good Hope’s and Cornerstone Housing for Women’s emergency shelter, addiction counselling and mental health programming.


International Women’s Day Celebrations

March 2020

As part of our support for International Women’s Day, Agriteam partnered with Immigrant Women’s Services Ottawa (IWSO) and Women in Need Society (WINS) in Calgary. Staff in our East and West Wings as well as Colombia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Ukraine contributed photos for the IWSO’s “An equal world is an enabled world” Photo Campaign. Agriteam also made financial contributions to IWSO and WINS to support their ongoing programming.

Agriteam Supports Programming for Persons with Disabilities

January 2020

Supporting community-based rehabilitation services and resources for persons with disabilities is a key priority of Agriteam’s charitable giving. In January, we provided financial support to March of Dimes Canada for their 2020 Augmentative and Alternative Communication Camp which, in partnership with the University of Alberta’s Department of Communication and Sciences Disorders, provides accessible communication and socialization learning activities for children with physical and cognitive disabilities. Since 1951, March of Dimes has been on the forefront of the disability movement and provides a wide range of services across Canada.

Support for San Gregorio Magno Community

January 2020

On January 6th, As part of Epiphany celebrations, Agriteam donated toys, school supplies and piñata snacks to 140 children at the San Gregoria Magno Parish in Diriamba, Nicaragua. Located in a small, rural area, the San Gregoria Magno Parish houses a children’s dining hall and dispensary clinic that offers health services to the nearby community.


Holiday Giving

December 2019

Throughout the month of December, Agriteam made financial contributions in support of two community based organizations serving children and youth. As in previous years, staff at the Gatineau Office held a gift drive as part of the Boys and Girls Club’s Angel Tree Program, while the Calgary Office supported Inn from the Cold, an organization that provides shelter, sanctuary and healing to homeless children and their families in the Calgary area.

World Food Day

October 2019

As part of our support for World Food Day, Agriteam staff in both offices rolled up their sleeves to prepare 250 turkey, chicken and cheese sandwiches and 140 bagged lunches for the Ottawa Mission and Calgary Drop-In Centre (The DI).  Staff in the Calgary office also prepped and served The DI’s dinner service, co-sponsored by Agriteam and Market Seafood, bringing the  total number of donated ‘people hours’ to 70 over the course of 2019.

Ottawa MUDGIRL Run

August 2019

On August 24th, Agriteam staff from the Gatineau Office participated in the Ottawa MUDGIRL Run, a 5km obstacle race involving mud pits, cargo nets, teeter-totters, climbing walls and inflatable slides. The race tests team cohesion, endurance and spirit, with many participants running the course dressed in pink to support breast cancer awareness. Since 2017, MUDGIRL has raised over $160,000 in support of breast cancer research and services.

World Environment Day

June 2019

To recognize World Environment Day (June 5th), Agriteam staff took to the parks and pathways of Gatineau and Calgary. Staff in the Gatineau Office supported the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, a national conservation program, by collecting 10 garbage bags full of coffee cups, food containers, plastic bottles and cigarette butts in the Place du Portage area of Hull. Staff in the Calgary Office participated in the City of Calgary’s Pathway and River Cleanup, an annual event dating back to 1967, picking up garbage along a 3km stretch of the Elbow River. Cash donations were also made to Pollinator Partnership Canada to support the protection and promotion of bees and other pollinators, and to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary for the treatment and care of injured and orphaned mammals and reptiles.

Agriteam Supports Ottawa Foodbank

May 2019

On May 3rd, the East Wing participated in the 7th annual Food Sort Challenge in support of the Ottawa Food Bank which works with over 100 local partners to create a healthier city, increase access to healthy food, and advocate for systemic changes that reduce food insecurity. At the event teams were challenged to sort and package one tonne of donated food within half an hour.  In total, 50+ teams sorted through more than 50,000 lbs of food and raised over $29,000 in support of the Ottawa Food Bank!

Janus Academy Spring Gala

March 2019

Agriteam has been a long-time supporter of the Janus Academy, a Calgary-based non-profit organization that operates an independent school for children and youth with autism, a summer camp and a community day program for adults on the autism spectrum. On March 9th, Agriteam supported the Janus Academy’s signature fundraising event – the “Janus in Bloom” Spring Gala and Charity Auction – to raise funds and awareness for autism. More than $134,000 was raised at this year’s event for specialized education for children and youth with autism.


Agriteam Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 2019

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, staff from both offices wore purple and collected clothing, toiletries and toys in support of two local women’s organizations: Sonshine Community Services, a leading social service provider for women and children fleeing family violence in the Calgary area, and the Youville Centre, a non-profit, registered charity serving adolescent mothers and their children in the Ottawa Valley. As part of the festivities, staff in the Calgary Office ‘spruced up’ one of the Sonshine suites to create a safe and comfortable space for women and children, while staff in the Gatineau Office participated in a ‘clean up’ of the Youville Centre’s waiting area to make it more welcoming for new clients.

Calgary Icebreaker Polar Dip Challenge

January 2019

On January 1st, Agriteam’s own Bernie Potvin took part in the 10th annual Calgary Icebreaker Polar Dip challenge to raise funds and awareness for victims of human trafficking. More than $95,000 was raised in this year’s Polar Dip in support of the work of the SA Foundation which provides long-term housing, recovery and training for women and children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation worldwide. Agriteam is proud to have sponsored Bernie and his team “Old Guys In Action” who have taken part in the Polar Dip challenge for the past 10 years!

Agriteam Supports Retirement Home in Nicaragua

December 2018

In December 2018, Agriteam made a cash donation to the Hogar De Ancianos San Antonio Retirement Home in Masaya, Nicaragua to cover the cost of medicine, personal hygiene items, disposable diapers, linens and cleaning supplies. Operated by the Sisters Josefina Community, the Retirement Home is a non-profit charitable house that provides skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, medical services and recreation in a supervised and safe environment for 80 low income seniors.


Children and Youth Programming

December 2018

Throughout the month of December, Agriteam generously supported two community based organizations serving children and youth. Staff at the Gatineau Office held a gift drive as part of the Boys and Girls Club’s Angel Tree Program and distributed toys to children in need (aged 6 to 18) ahead of the Christmas season. In turn, the Calgary Office contributed to Inn from the Cold, an organization that provides shelter, sanctuary and healing to homeless children and their families in the Calgary area.

Support for Veterans

November 2018

Throughout the month of November, Agriteam celebrated Canada’s veterans through financial contributions to the Canadian Fallen Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization that honours Canadian military personnel with commemorative memorial prints, and a food drive in support of the Veterans Association Food Bank of Calgary. In total, more than $300 in donations, as well as three large boxes of canned goods, groceries and other non-perishables were raised for the Veterans Association’s Hamper Program.

Bowlathon for Canadian Cancer Society

October 2018

On Friday October 12th Agriteam organized a bowlathon fundraiser in support of the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of the son of one of our colleagues who recently passed away.

In total, more than 90 bowlers participated in the event and $6,730.00 was raised for the Calgary and Ottawa Chapters of the Cancer Society. 100% of donations will go towards supporting CCS programs and research in both cities.

We would like to thank everyone who made this evening possible, in particular Agriteam for sponsoring the event as well as all of the local businesses who donated to the silent auction and of course the bowlers themselves!

Sandwich Making Day

September 2018

Every day, homeless shelters across Canada serve thousands of bagged lunches to members of the homeless community. On Wednesday September 12th, Agriteam staff volunteered their lunch hours to prepare sandwiches in support of the Calgary Drop In Centre and the Ottawa Mission’s bagged lunch programs. In total, 370 turkey, ham, chicken, roast beef, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were prepared between the two Offices. In addition to the sandwiches, Agriteam also contributed bags of jujubes, which will be used by Ottawa Mission counselors to treat withdrawal symptoms as part of their addiction recovery programming.

Dress for Success Clothing Drive

July 2018

Throughout the month of July, Agriteam held a women’s clothing drive in support of Dress for Success, an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. In total, 10 garment boxes filled with blazers, trousers, dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories were collected by staff across the two Offices. In addition to the clothing drive, Agriteam also made cash donations to Dress for Success – in Ottawa-Gatineau, the funds will be used to cover the cost of personal wardrobe consultations, suiting, tailoring and accessories for five local women, while in Calgary a pilot outreach program with a selection of high schools will be launched, creating pop-up opportunities for female students to obtain clothing for their working experience.

Farm Radio International African Harvest Dinner

June 2018

This past June Agriteam joined Farm Radio International for a night of food and fun in support of small-scale farmers across Africa. Guests enjoyed authentic Ethiopian cuisine, entertainment and a silent auction at the historical Moore Farm Estate — featuring a beautiful view of the Ottawa River and rural surroundings. More than $22,700 was raised at the 2018 event, making it Farm Radio’s most successful African Harvest yet!

Agriteam Supports Ottawa Food Bank

April 2018

On Friday April 13th a team from Agriteam’s Gatineau office participated in the 6th Annual Food Sort Challenge in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. Teams were challenged to sort and package donated food as quickly as possible, and Agriteam came out in first place with a time of 15 minutes and 44 seconds!

In total, 48 teams sorted through 48,000 lbs of food while fundraising for the Ottawa Food Bank. As the grand prize winners, Agriteam received a family-style dinner for 10 from Craft Beer Market, an Escape Room experience from Escape Manor, and our name officially plated on the Food Sort Challenge Trophy. Details can be found here.

We would like to thank the Ottawa Food Bank, Escape Manor, Hot 89.9 and Progressive Shift for hosting this great event.


Alberta Wilderness Association’s Climb for Wilderness

April 2018

In honour of Earth Day, Agriteam’s own Alex Schumacher climbed 660 stairs for the Alberta Wilderness Association’s (AWA) 2018 Climb for Wilderness Challenge. This annual event aims to increase public awareness of wilderness, wildlife and wild water in Alberta combined with the athletic challenge of climbing to the top of Calgary’s Bow Building. Attracting more than 1,000 individual participants and 150 volunteers annually, this year’s Climb for Wilderness Challenge raised nearly $100,000 in support of AWA’s conservation work.

Victim Solidarity Day in Colombia

April 2018

April 9 marked the National Remembrance and Victim Solidarity Day in Colombia; a day which is reserved to commemorate victims of the Colombian conflict, the longest internally-armed conflict on the continent. Every year on this day, municipalities across the country mobilize to remember victims through artistic, musical, and academic expressions. This year, Agriteam was invited to participate and contribute in Orito, Putumayo. Approximately 42.5% of the total population in Putumayo is considered to have suffered the consequences of the armed conflict and a considerable number of displaced Putumayesenses remain without access to the most basic of resources. Through a contribution made by Agriteam to Orito, we stand in solidarity with the people of Putumayo as they take important steps in creating long-lasting and stable peace.


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